What is 4G LTE?

You might have heard of 4G but not sure what an LTE is. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. LTE is an evolution from the 3G network to the 4G wireless communication network and is capable to provide at least 10 times the speed or faster. Telecommunication companies now provide the 4G wireless network to all its customers. This connection is accessible through mobile devices, smartphones, tablets and notebooks. 4G LTE is even used as a backup or a hotspot in case the broadband connection stopped working.

The 4G LTE Failover Solution

An LTE Failover appliance provides a secondary WAN or Internet connection over the 4G mobile broadband. This wireless link does not rely on last-mile wired connectivity, as MPLS infrastructure or fiber does. When the main wired link fails, the traffic is automatically redirected to the wireless connection, restoring network access.

How does an LTE Failover Appliance work? The LTE failover appliance connects to the primary router and sends continuous probes to test the main WAN or Internet connectivity. Once it detects a link failure from the primary router, it takes over the main connection.

This piece of equipment connects to the primary WAN or Internet router to sense outages and is usually in standby mode. When it detects the primary connection going down, it changes to active, until the primary connection comes back up.

This appliance uses the main router as a bridge to the internal network, but it should also be capable of providing a similar internal connectivity, such as Ethernet or WiFi, in case that the entire primary router goes down.

Benefits of an LTE Failover Appliance:

  • It provides LTE 4G backup on the primary WAN links.
  • It provides Ethernet ports and 802.11n Wi-Fi for the internal network.
  • High data throughput capacity, over 300Mbps.
  • If it supports LTE-A, it can reach throughput up to 1Gbps.

If your business relies on one hard-wired router with a single-point-of-failure, your entire connectivity is at risk. There is no doubt that the wired connection will fail at some point. Maybe the MSP is doing a maintenance job, a nearby construction breaks the cables or outages at near Data Centers. There are many reasons why a wired connection might fail.

But it can get more challenging in distributed networks, where multiple branch offices need reliable connectivity to the headquarters. What happens when a primary wire or router fails?

The LTE Failover appliance removes the single-point-of-failure by introducing wireless as a backup link. These appliances offer failover protection and full router redundancy, delivering business continuity to the branch. As for today, LTE is generally considered a backup network. But soon enough it will also be used as a primary link thanks to hybrid SD-WAN technology.

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LTE for Businesses:

Wondering if your company needs 4G LTE? There are a lot of companies like yours that are looking to use 4G LTE to find how it impacts business continuity.

“4G networks will extend high-speed connectivity through the air to allow businesses of every size to use the marketing, organisational and efficiency opportunities that will make business truly democratic, a small restaurant on the street corner now has the same opportunities to promote itself and attract customers in the super-fast world of 4G as the biggest chain of fast food outlets. The same is true for almost all other types of business” says Ray Hammond from his interview with The Guardian.

4G definitely revolutionized how businesses run nowadays as it is considered as one of the biggest growth in technology. As this type of connectivity grows, businesses won't be able to deny that there is a reason to get this service. If you are still wondering how 4G LTE can help your business, here are key advantages that you need to really consider:

  • Business Continuity

    Internet connectivity is crucial to most businesses in this day and age. A business that losses internet connection instantly suffers a massive financial loss. Downtime off site and online can be really costly. An example would be, a customer about to hit the 'pay now' button but your online server suddenly goes offline. If you do not have any back up, once your customer hits that button, he may be redirected to a blank page or a bad gateway page. This gives the impression that either your site is not working or may have issues. Now, scale that to a larger level. How many customers at that time may have gotten the same issue? Another example would be if you are running a call center of 500 people. If the internet connection fails, you will still have to compensate your employees regardless of the downtime. Orders pending may not go through to their systems. This is why having a 4G LTE is important. Business continuity will not only benefit you financially as a business but it will also affect your customers perception of your business.
  • Employee Productivity

    Staying connected is important to businesses. Employees are dependent on internet connection to continue their work. People can now work by accessing their email while they're on the train, cafes, restaurants - even in remote locations so long as they have 4G LTE. Businesses can now have access to clients even when they're on vacation. Having this ability means that employee productivity goes up and they are now able to use barren time to work.
  • Improved Shopping Experience

    For e-commerce businesses, 4G LTE is a huge advantage. Since smartphones were invited, you can do almost everything in it. Take a photo, add reminders in calendars, do online meetings, connect through social media, answer emails, edit videos and play games. Since 4G LTE came out, e-commerce businesses started pushing their products to customers creating apps and shopping portals that their target market go into. It's like a department store without the store and the crowd. E-commerce businesses can now provide improved shopping experience and keep their business going all the time.

Managed IP for Businesses.

Ethernet Transport.

Ethernet Transport Service (ETS) is a switched Ethernet service that enables you to use Ethernet Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) technology to transport traffic among two or more disparate metro or rural locations as if they were part of the same LAN.


Fiber optic cables are clusters of transparent glass fibers, each about the same diameter as a human hair. Fiber optic cables convert electrical signals carrying data to light


While short outages are common, longer service disruptions - due to weather, human error or even squirrels - can be catastrophic, paralyzing business operations. Your organization can feel the consequences long after the connection has been repaired.

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