Fiber Internet

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet uses fiber optic cables which are clusters of transparent glass fibers, each about the same diameter as a human hair. Fiber optic cables convert electrical signals carrying data to light — and since light travels very fast, it results in speedy internet service. When you compare coax vs. fiber optic internet speeds, fiber speeds are much faster.

What is the cost Fiber Internet?

As far as the cost of fiber vs. coaxial, fiber is typically much higher upfront, particularly if you require fiber installation or a new connection be installed at your business. After installation, the pricing for dedicated internet access over fiber will also be higher than a shared cable internet connection. Like cable internet service, business internet providers who offer fiber internet service usually have multiple plans to choose from with varied pricing and speeds.

Benefits of Fiber Internet:

The biggest benefits to fiber internet vs. cable internet are scalability and symmetric speeds. You can future-proof your business internet service by choosing a fiber connection; no matter what speed you choose today; you can easily upgrade to faster speeds with just a phone call. But today’s biggest drawback to a fiber optic internet connection is availability. While fiber is available in nearly every community, the distance from your place of business to a provider’s fiber-optic lines is typically further than accessibility to the coax lines which may result in some construction efforts to bring fiber to your building.

  • Unlimited internet access
  • Faster access to your cloud data
  • Reliable IT support
  • Faster dowload and upload speed
  • Less latency
Fiber Internet

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Fiber Internet or Broadband Internet?

With businesses switching to connect to people online, it is a must that each of these businesses maintain a stable and reliable connection to maintain standards service level. Customers now have a higher sets of expectation when it comes to the speed of addressing concerns which exponentially increase customer happiness and satisfaction as your business grows. If your internet service is unreliable, your business suffers. Your workers might start experiencing dropped calls or choppy conversations which can be annoying, frustrating making them less productive and less efficient.

Businesses will then now have to face the questions: which connection is more reliable? Which one is better for the business? Fiber internet or broadband internet. Let's look at what the pros and cons are:

  • Bandwidth

    Most broadband internet services are provided a certain bandwidth that is shared in a particular area. This means, the more users in your neighbourhood, the slimmer the bandwidth each person can use, the slower their connection becomes. Having fiber internet or fiber optics becomes a dedicated bandwidth to that business alone. This means that bandwidth or the latency of the internet does not depend on the amount of people sharing the bandwidth which increases its advantage against having broadband internet. If the bandwidth is not shared, the reliable the internet is.
  • Better Security

    Broadband connections are reliant on modems and routers. In today's age, just switch your mobile phone's request to Wifi access and you'll find a bunch of wireless routers. Yes, you can secure the routers with an API key but regardless, the greatest of hackers can still hack that router and get access the internet or other possible files they can connect to using the router's mac address. Fiber optics on the other hand has less risk in security as it is more difficult to access a network employing fiber optics. This is why most businesses choose to use fiber optics internet services because of its better security.
  • Immediate Access to Cloud

    Call centers, customer service, banks or any businesses that require to retrieve real time access to a customer's sensitive information needs immediate access to the businesses' cloud network. Since Fiber optics have less latency, faster access to the network is possible than being connected through a broadband internet connection.

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Fiber optic cables are clusters of transparent glass fibers, each about the same diameter as a human hair. Fiber optic cables convert electrical signals carrying data to light

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