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Managed Network Services in Houston, TX

We are industry experts and with more than 10 years of experience and vendor partnerships, you can definitely trust us to manage, create a strategy and design a managed network service. Dream Coat Cloud Services delivers results through the provision of automated processes and tools that will provide reliable service. We can provide a flexible network connection that has high security, ability to do remote access, VPN and other applications that will speed up your business' support.

At Dream Coat Cloud Services, our aim is to be able to help you come up with a cost-effective solution that can maintain a high performing managed network and flexible monitoring of your IT infrastructure.

Enjoy these managed network benefits through Dream Coat Cloud Services:
  • More money for your business

    Since there will be less downtime, your employees will be more productive, your customers will be more satisfied and your business will scale in no time! Having a managed network and a flexible budget means that you'll get more money for your business. Dream Coat Cloud Services ensures constant backup for your data since this is one issue that any company don't want to have. Fall behind and you'll have irreversible problems with your network. Our team will stay on top of your business' network to save you as much money as you can.
  • Proactive Solutions

    Dream Coat Cloud Services will provide a full network assessment and check all your equipment. We will then take notes of which ones needs to be updated, adjusted or removed. Once these are done, we will then monitor your applications or system to check for any issues and resolve it right away. Your business will definitely have a better experience on your performance and very minimal to no downtime. You'll almost always stay connected once we've implemented our proactive solutions.
  • Flexibility with your budget

    After our network assessment, we will provide you the list of all the costs of equipments that need repairing or upgrade. You can trust that our contracts will not have any hidden charges or fees. We will also monitor your expenses so you can stay on top of your budget.
  • Support

    Most companies have an in-house IT staff, however, a managed network staff can be very handy. Having a dedicated managed network support person can take network issues out of your IT staff's hands so they can better focus on your business' IT maintenance and in-house support. You will have peace of mind that both sides of infrastructure and network are being looked after by capable hands.


SDWAN provides solutions that not only meet or exceed those offered by traditional WAN technologies, but can provide additional capabilities, such as redundancy, application acceleration, dynamic bandwidth to large cloud providers, and more. Map and scale to your business objectives faster and more effectively, with SDWAN.

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall is a Comprehensive security solutions that is more than having a firewall in place and a locked front door. The heartbeat of your business is your customer data and financial exposure, and every day we see front page headlines for data breaches, even at Fortune 500 enterprises. Protect your brand and reputation.

Managed Wifi

Dream Coat Cloud Services is now offering managed wife as a solution to your wireless system suited for any small to medium sized businesses. Having a managed wifi allows your users within the office access the internet or intranet regardless where they are located within the office. We are happy to help you and guide you through the set up process.

With Dream Coat Cloud Solutions, you will have peace of mind knowing you have an IT Partner who understands your needs. To learn more or to schedule your FREE IT Assessment, give us a call at 866-760-3227 or email [email protected].

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Managed Data for Businesses.


An LTE Failover appliance provides a secondary WAN or Internet connection over the 4G mobile broadband. This wireless link does not rely on last-mile wired connectivity, as MPLS infrastructure or fiber does.

Carrier Services.

The telecommunications landscape can be confusing, time consuming and unnecessarily expensive for IT managers who don’t speak the language or fully understand the landscape.


Fiber optic cables convert electrical signals carrying data to light — and since light travels very fast, it results in speedy internet service.

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