Managed Wifi

Managed Wifi : Integrate and Secure Your Wireless Networks

Dream Coat Cloud Services is now offering managed wife as a solution to your wireless system suited for any small to medium sized businesses. Having a managed wifi allows your users within the office access the internet or intranet regardless where they are located within the office. There are a lot of factors to consider before setting up your managed wifi and Dream Coat Cloud Services is happy to help you and guide you through the set up process.

With Dream Coat's Managed Wifi, we will assist you with:
  • Identifying interferences to Wifi Signals and adjust accordingly
  • Increase internet user experience and satisfaction
  • Find out bandwidth based on data from users and their behavior
  • Set up and manage your wifi network
With Dream Coat's Managed Wifi, we will assist you with::

Back in the days, people pay a cheap router to be able to have a proper wireless connection in their work place as the demarcation point for their internet service. Since the router is cheap, the service is horrible and there is a lot of lag. Businesses nowadays have to be constantly connected. One minute of being offline automatically translates to hundreds, thousands even millions of losses for bigger corporation. This is the reason Managed wifi became the solution for high speed wireless and internet service. Here are the reasons why your business needs Managed Wifi:

  • Scalability

    Increase your set up as your business grows. Once your business grows, you will need to expand your site. You will need more employees that need more computers. The possibility of extending an office is not too far either. Dream Coat Cloud Services' Managed Wifi Solutions will assist you create more access points based on your office or building requirements. So do not worry about expanding your business, we'll take care of the wireless network.
  • Stability

    When your wifi is working properly, your business flows perfectly. Your employees productivity increases and your business brings in consistent cashflow. One good thing about getting Managed Wifi from Dream Coat Cloud Services is that we will always look after the maintenance of your wireless system ensuring that your business is connected to the internet all the time. Hand over this responsibilities to us and you and your team will only have to worry about the business side of things.
  • Security

    Network Security is a complicated process and a lot of businesses don't realize that leakage on their data can cause a substantial financial loss even with the most successful of businesses. Setting it up is a multitude of configuration and only an experienced Managed Wifi provider can confidently set this up from the installation process in an in-depth discovery phase. Dream Coat Cloud Services studies how your Wireless connection is user per user to be able to provide the functionality needed to meet your business internet needs.
  • Satisfaction

    We want you to not worry about your Managed Wifi, instead focus on your business instead. Our goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with our services through your wifi experience. We will be customizing features, control the bandwidth and block websites your employees can not visit while on the job. We will make sure that there are enough access point and less interferences for the ultimate wifi speed and satisfaction experience.

With Dream Coat Cloud Solutions, you will have peace of mind knowing you have an IT Partner who understands your needs. To learn more or to schedule your FREE IT Assessment, give us a call at 866-760-3227 or email [email protected].

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