Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams : Helps you get things done through effective work spaces and efficient productivity tools

Remote Work is the future. It is becoming a trend especially with how work has expanded. We can now access our email messages through our phones or laptops anytime, anywhere so long as you have internet access. A lot of IT companies, including Dream Coat Cloud Services, can now provide business collaboration tools that suits whatever you need to grow your business.

Communication has now come a long way. Employees now have options on how to communicate and meet from voice calls, text, chat or even video conferences. Your business has to take this step since it is just natural to do so, to change the ways the way your team communicates and stay connected.

The only way to succeed in this is to extend business conversations through chat, calls, video conferences and more especially if the business provides the needs of all teams through a unified communication like Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Through Dream Coat Cloud Services Helps You With:
  • Automation
  • Business Application Integration
  • Customization and scalability for teams
  • Ease of use for employees and IT
  • End-to-end security
  • Easy search for files, content and people
  • Unified communication

With the current situation, businesses realise the importance of communications through cloud. The need to be constantly accessible and the need to be updated with business matters is very important especially if your team is working from home, apart from each other.

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Teams should be able to communicate and message each other quickly, create private conversations or group communcations from any device can be supported by Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration where every team member meet to work together. Microsoft Teams can be easily integrated through downloadable apps in devices such as mobile phones and tablets that you or your team use everyday. Share pictures, ask questions, make decisions, share content and all that done in real-time. Having Microsoft Teams eliminates in-person meetings, instead it helps you get connected through chat, calls or small group conferences which is faster, anywhere.

What is amazing about Microsoft Teams is that you'll have a record of every conversation. If you forgot about an important list your colleague asked you to work on, you can just do a quick search. Microsoft teams offers a record of an entire conversation. Also, if you have new members of the team, just add them to the groups chat and they will automatically be given access to any shared file or previous conversations immediately once added.

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Integration is important to keep your team productive. Instead of just having multiple applications running, with Microsoft teams, imagine having 7-10 applications meshed into one. Lesser passwords, less risk in security and less confusion will give your team more TIME to do what they need to do at their work place.

Microsoft Teams also allows visuals communications among team members. Share photos, videos, sketches, videos, links or even emojis. Video call can also be launched within seconds. Thread conversations can be organized and meetings that can be done in person can also be done using Microsoft Teams.

To conclude, Microsoft Teams makes collaboration easier. Dream Coat Cloud Services offers Microsoft Teams that are integrated with Microsoft Office 365. With Dream Coat Cloud Services, you will have peace of mind knowing you have an IT Partner who understands your needs. To learn more about Microsoft Teams or to schedule your FREE IT Assessment, give us a call at 866-760-3227 or email [email protected].

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