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A faster and more efficient way to check your network and data integrity

DreamCoat Systems Now Offers Network Security & Security Assessment

We are always looking to improve our IT services and one new addition to our services and products is an IT assessment tool that will help you prospect and close new businesses, find a new income generating products, provide great value to your customers and streamline your business' delivery process. Our network security and security assessment tool will assist you in gathering information through automation which saves you a lot of time when you're doing it manually. This tool also provides loads of details, separates client information and are able to provide different ways to collect data.

Our network security and security assessment services is the future of sales and onboarding providing you amazing results. We partner with you as we move into ways and steps to make business transactions efficient and faster. Our challenges in making sure that we finish business processes effectively is hindered by time. Manual processing equates to error and longer waiting times. But we can provide you the solution right now! Start welcoming more sales as improvement awaits your business in using DreamCoat Systems Network Security and Assessment!

We provide a faster, better, and efficient way of checking your network and data integrity. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best, effective, and safe network security while your business grows. We provide IT solutions so you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the heavy IT tasks for you. Our network security and security assessment tool will make every collection of data faster and secure.

Get more data with our Network Security and Security Assessment and enjoy these benefits:
  • Unlimited Use License

    Unlimited number of scans for 12 months in an unlimited number of network and unlimited number of reports generated. Licensing is also very cost-effective. Once your business purchases our network security and security assessment tool, everyone who is in the same location gets to share the same benefits. Of course if you are in another location, then you will neet to get another subscription.
  • Report Generator

    Creating reports can be very time consuming. Just think about having to design, choosing the fonts, what to write, which colors to use and you have to have all that skills for your reports to at least be presentable. With our product, you can get reports from templates that are brandable and customisable in minutes!
  • Network Analyzer and Risk Scoring

    Algorithms are pretty much the 'in' thing in technology these days. Have certain requirements? Want to determine which data that's coming in are risks and which ones aren't? Our tool can assist you in providing a risk analysis for you to understand and prioritize issues of your network's health.
  • Easy integration with PSA Tools

    Most companies have an in-house IT staff, however, a managed network staff can be very handy. Having a dedicated managed network support person can take network issues out of your IT staff's hands so they can better focus on your business' IT maintenance and in-house support. You will have peace of mind that both sides of infrastructure and network are being looked after by capable hands.
Network Security
Get more data with our Network Security and Security Assessment and enjoy these benefits:

Let's face it, we are constantly moving in the digital age, and as we continue to do manual work in sales and data collection, the more that we are prone to errors, data threats, and slow business growth. Shifting to our network security and security assessment is the answer to make things faster, secure, and reliable. Shift to customize reports, save more time, and invest in the growth of your business by using our product.

There had been numerous security concerns for data collection. In several studies, researchers have recognized security matters and brought attention to the necessity to be more careful about obtaining data collected in emerging world contexts. The potential risks of using mobile phones in data collection are vital in getting network security for your business.

Imagine having all your important data gathered stored in a secure network that will protect you from any threats. Investing in a business is not just about the people you have in your team but also the tools that will greatly affect the performance of your company in yielding profitable results. Having an effective tool which will guarantee protection in your data collection is the answer. DreamCoat Systems gives that promise! Our goal is to provide a solution! We do this by providing your company network security and security assessment that will result in a managed data for your company. We will work with you to improve your processes plus making sure your tools and data are secure. Be on the edge and be on the top of every competition! Work with us and let our tools work for you!

With DreamCoat Systems, you will have peace of mind knowing you have an IT Partner who understands your needs. To learn more or to schedule your FREE IT Assessment, give us a call at 866-760-3227 or email [email protected].

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